What people say about Psycards

Psycards are used by more than 10,000 people around the world:

My First Significant Reading

“My grandmother didn’t read tea leaves, my family wasn’t a gypsy family (in the Romani sense – we did move around a lot), I got a Ouija Board one Christmas, but didn’t use it more than a few times. Over the past few years, though, I’ve been drawn to readings through geomancy, numerology and cards. Of course, I bought a few decks of Tarot cards and several other decks of oracles, but none really spoke to me (though Scott Grossberg’s Deck of Shadows comes close). Then I bought a deck of Psycards and the clouds that covered my eyes lifted. I found most of the cards immediately understandable. I read a couple of books about the cards, am taking the foundations course (though I need to be more directed – life keeps getting in the way of my finishing it) and I even invented my own card spread.

But I haven’t done a lot of readings for others. I do readings for myself and use the cards for meditation, but I’m a little nervous asking others if I can read for them.

One day I was at my local Starbucks and a student of mine stopped by for a chat. I had my cards out and she asked me about them. I showed them to her and asked if she had a question. She did. Her boyfriend wasn’t paying enough attention to her; he preferred to hang out with his buddies. She wasn’t distraught about this, but she wanted to know what she should do. Resisting the urge to tell her to dump him and point out that boyfriends were like busses – all she’d have to do is wait and another would show up, I said, ‘Lets see what the cards indicate.’

We did a simple three card spread. I let her mix the cards and randomly choose three that she then placed face down. I think I mumbled something about the spread representing the past, present and future, but also said the three cards in total might give her some insight to her question about what she should do.

She turned over the first card – Prison. Well. That was pretty clear. She felt trapped in a bad relationship and this card came up. Rather than telling her how I interpreted it, I asked her what she saw and she thought it showed where she was. I agreed and pointed out that the light was shining through the window and surely meant that good things could happen.

Card number two – Destruction. Yikes! While the way she was talking about her relationship didn’t seem THAT bad, clearly, it seemed to me, there were problems. Even though she wasn’t crushed by her problem, I started to fret that too much negativity might overwhelm her. She said the card represented the relationships’ status right now. I agreed, but offered a weasel out of it by saying that it was clear there were problems but that talking frankly with the BF might help.

Card number three – you guessed it – Death. I’m here to tell you, it was like someone had deliberately – not randomly – chosen the cards. Even before I asked for her opinion, I told her that the Death card didn’t necessarily mean someone was going to die, it most likely meant that something was finished and something would begin. I asked her what she thought and she said it meant she should break up with the guy. I felt a lot of responsibility and agreed that certainly was one way to look at it, but that, if she wanted the relationship to continue, she should, at least, talk with the guy and let him know what she felt; that THAT could be the change indicated.

But I think we both knew that the relationship was over. A few days later, I saw my student and she told me that she had, indeed, broken off the guy and she was happy with the decision. She was impressed with the reading and the cards.

If she was impressed, I was astonished. Synchronicity, psychic force, or just chance, I don’t know. What I do know is that this worked and was powerful. Ironically that has made me even more nervous about doing readings for others.

But it also makes me want to do more.”

Shad Schroeder, Psycards enthusiast

“I played with tarot for years. But after seeing a friend use psycards I thought that looks easier. After they arrived I got right into them and found them so much easier. My intuition just kicked in and has never failed me. I love my Psycards. Thank you.”

Patrick Ketter, Facebook

“These cards gave me sooo much insight on a reading I did last year. I mean the advice they gave me was life-changing, and I took heed, and I’m so much better for it.”

Jilly Hunter

“This is one of the few decks that really speak to me. The images are so clear and beautifully rendered. I’ve seen some great tarot decks, but Psycards beats them hands down.”

Shad Schroeder, Facebook