The Psycourse (Digital version)

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Tuition on Psycards

Now you can do a course on Psycards

  • This is a main tuition for Psycards
  • Ideal as an introductory course to Psycards
  • Workbooks included for each section
  • Spreads of the cards explained in details
  • 31 pages of full colour
  • Attention: For viewing this ebook PDF reader software or app is required.

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Product Description

This is the main Tuition for Psycards.

It is 31 pages in full colour and explains the meaning of the cards, spreads, how to handle symbols. How to read for yourself and friends and professionally. It covers how you can read Psycards as an oracle for each day and the Jungian meaning of the deck.

You can study this course in a printed version or a digital version.

This is a digital version of the course. For printed version, please, Click here.