Psycards Cards Spreads

Because the cards become personal to you, you can develop your own ways of using them, perhaps following the guidelines given in the books and tutorial as a first step. “The Psycards Books” gives a number of different spreads you might like to try and use in different ways.

Here are some simple spreads to start with:

One Card

one-card Draw out a single card out of the shuffled deck and see what it is saying to you. Is that card relevant to you, your situation and your problem?

e.g. Card 1: Money

Two Cards

two-cards Make a connection with the two cards and your question, or problem.

e.g. Card 1: Money, Card 2: Birth

Three Cards

three-cards Three card spread (face down at first) for past, present and future may be helpful, reading from left to right.

e.g. Card 1: PASTMoney, Card 2: PRESENTBirth, Card 3: FUTUREThe Tree

Vital Seven

seven-cards A more elaborate spread is the Vital Seven: cards are drawn and placed face-down in a 2, 3, 2 arrangement around the Inquirer card-noref (No 1) placed face-up in the centre.

The top two cards represent aspiration, the middle two either side of the enquirer indicate past then future, and the bottom two represent the underlying and conscious forces.