Psychic Gift Set

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Psycards - A whole lot more than fortune telling

A Book, a protective Pouch, a crystal Pendulum and a Deck- For psychics, therapists, readers and Tarot enthusiasts... start now!

- The Psycards Deck… 40 beautiful cards and insert details
- A 200 page book
- A Black Psycards Pouch to nurse your cards and keep them precious
- A Crystal pendulum to guide you to your future
- With instructions on pendulum divination

Save more in buying them together.

This is a handsome box to combine a book, a deck and a bag, and a pendulum to guide your cards. It is perfect gift for psychics and tarot readers. Psycards Deck 40 Powerful Cards for divination.

Psycards were created in 1980’s by Nick Hobson and were illustrated by Maggie Kneen. They are used around the world for divination and self-development.

Bag or pouch aims to protect your Psycards and personalize your psychic values in the deck. Also looks good to give it as a gift.
Pendulum for Divination Due to nature of materials its made from there will be variations to original colours and those on product’s picture.

Actual product colours of the pendulum may vary from colours shown on this page and from product to product. Comes with a guiding flyer.

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