Become A Psycards Reader

Psycards Reader Certificate

Are you qualified to be a Psycards Reader?
Pass an exam and earn extra money. 
You will learn to read with Psycards:

- Psychic Fayres
- Workshops
- Specialist Shops 
- Events with Neighbours
- Psychic Events


Psychic Gifts? Entrepreneurial Skills?

If you are know the Psycards well? Or have some psychic gifts or if you have additional businessl skills? Maybe you can start a career or earn an additional income?

When you order, we'll be in touch via e-mail to ask you questions about you background as a reader and your psychic abilities.

You need to pass a simple exam and you will be awarded a certificate that opens up some exciting opportunities.

·         There are plenty of psychic fayres in your area (look at google). You can be a Psycards ‘Reader’ if  you show your certificate

·         Workshops/Expat communities. You can start a workshop in your neighbourhood/town, offering psychic possibilities and personal development. We will show you how to do it with videos and tips.

·         Specialist Shops. Maybe you have an ‘occult’ shop or hypnotherapy practice. You could be a ‘reader’ and we will give you some guidance and sample publications.

·         Neighbourhood events. If you have Summer Fetes or Xmas Activities or slimming or church events you can participate in a range of opportunities.

·         Pubs, Casinos, Restaurants, Parties or at commercial psychic events  in your area. You can be a ‘reader' or a  ceremonial initiator. 

A wealth of opportunites, if you have a Psycards Certificate

When you purhase, we'll be in touch to ask you questions based on the following:

Do you work as a Reader? Are you psychic? Are you outgoing/extravert? What is your phone number?

£35 via Paypal