The Inquirer Card tells us that we are embarking on a journey of inner knowledge.

The reason that the Yes Card is in the Psycards pack reflects a basic truth about life and how we operate.

The No Card is very often a strong card and must be heeded. If you go careering through red lights you'll have a crash.

The message of the Now Card for the reader is that the time is ripe for you in aspects of either your inner or your outer life, and the climate is

The Never Card seeks to rid you of illusions. It tells us it is psychologically damaging to cling to a dead dream.

Perhaps the first message of The Body Card is that we're body-bound and to be thankful for it. Our bodies are to be stroked, hugged and loved.

The Home card is reminding us of our origins. It is ambivalent. Were we happy? Do we seek to re-create it?

The Work Card asks a question- Is your work a grind?

Everyone is gifted in some way.

Often money and wealth will come as a by-product of some other goal that we seek. If you set money as a target you may well not get it.

One of the messages of the friendship card is that friendship for most people needs hard work.

The message of the Fortune Card is to stay faithful to your own destiny.

What are the qualities of an ideal father? He must protect his child from danger. He must provide sustenance for his child.

Motherliness is warmth and support; it is protection and generosity of the good breast.

The Birth Card is about creativity and we have to start with the miracle birth of a child.

The Death Card has layers of meaning. Perhaps it is best to think of it as the fear of death.

The Libido Card shows us that we are built for joy and happiness and we can find it. We seek pleasure; we shun pain. It is natural and right.

One of the strongest messages of the Destruction Card is to look inside yourself. Are you destroying yourself?

The Peace card represents two things:

The sun is the dominant force on our planet.

The Moon Card tells us to be swayed by what emerges from your unconscious and remember there is a feminine logic as well as a male logic.

The Stars Card tells us what we do on earth is linked to what is in the heavens and the implication for us is threefold.

Like us the tree has roots in the earth and aspires to the sky. The Tree Card promises us growth.

Greek philosophers pictured our psychology as a charioteer trying to control and balance three spirited horses.

The Tower Card stands for the Ego.

Human beings have cycles built into the architecture of their minds.

Love is the most important thing in our lives. It does not come in neat components. It shifts its focus and we cannot control it.

The Warrior Card stands for courage. It is not, of course, an exclusive male virtue.

Masks are to disguise, frighten or impress the viewer or to protect the wearer or to turn them into something else. Masks are personalities.

The Stranger Card has several linked messages for us. Dreams are one. We are told that dreams come from the unconscious.

There are times when we need outside help, in order to extricate ourselves from deep holes, often of our own digging.

One of the messages of the Fool Card is that you cannot plan your happiness. Sometimes it happens.

The Beast is your personal beast. It is what you have to contend with in your life.

The Message Card is alerting us to be prepared for incoming signals from our inner depths.

The Voyage Card reminds us that the Airmiles we can clock up do not relate to the psychological distances we travel. A voyage changes you.

The Puzzle Card is telling us of a blockage to our plans and progress.

Psycards works by images, metaphors and similes.

The Liberation Card is enabling.

The Cave is the womb from where we all came. It provided safety from predatory animals and enemies.

The last of the Psycard pack is Union.