When and where did Psycards start?

Nick Hobson was originator who created the Psycards System in the 1980s in London. Maggie Kneen was the illustrator of the deck and worked with Nick. In Nick’s book he outlined the original dream.

What is the difference between Psycards and Tarot?

Tarot has 78 cards. Psycards have 40 cards. They are about divination and self development. Tarot is older and more complex. People claim Psycards are more easy, friendly and simple.

How can I use Psycards for my daily oracle?

The 40 cards give you a clear reading on which card gives you the best guidance. Pick any card at random and it suggests signals for your day.

How does Psycards help psychics give better readings?

With 40 cards the Psycards system is simpler for the Reader (or interpreter) and the person who is the subject. The cards talk to both of you. And with Psycards it is easy to give a reading for yourself, friends and family.

How can I buy Psycards in shops in the UK?

Psycards is mostly sold in the UK on websites or via Amazon. You can also find them in Mind, Body, Spirit shops. Psycards is also distributed wholesale through Holistic Trader, or you can simply order them from this website by clicking here.

Where can I find Psycards in USA?

At the top right corner on our website you can click on to the Psycards USA. Catt Foy who has written a book on Psycards is the distributor for US and Canada. She can direct you to shops who sell Psycards.

Where can I start a Psycard workshop in my town?

There is a good opportunity in your area to develop a psychic or spiritual neighbourhood group for readings, local fairs, charities. You can develop new friends and you might make some money. Email support@psycards.com for details.

How many books are written about Psycards?

There are three books written about Psycards: Nick Hobson wrote The Psycards Book, Catt Foy wrote Psycards—A New Alternative to Tarot, and Berenice wrote The Language of Psycards. All three are available in our store.

How can I learn how to do readings at Psychic Fayres?

There are many types of readers at Fayres, and Psycards are becoming popular because they are simpler, less spooky, and are quickly understood.

How can I get some income from Psycards?

You can earn money as a reader at retail shops, pubs, or restaurants. You can also sell Psycards.

Are Psycards featured in newspapers and magazines?

Psycards has been featured in a number of media publications. We would also welcome a PR writer to tell some of the amazing stories about Psycards for local papers and magazines! Contact support@psycards.com

Can I use Psycards for entertainment at parties?

Yes. Psycards can be used for private or corporate gatherings, or in pubs and restaurants, both in the UK and in the US. They are a great ice-breaker and a way for people to get to know more about themselves and each other.

Can Psycards help psychotherapists with their patients?

Yes. Therapists use Psycards to help uncover hidden emotions and experiences. Because the images are based on the archetypes as outlined by Carl Gustav Jung, they help unlock the human subconscious, allowing the transformative power of symbols to shine through.

Is there a proper training course for Psycards?

Yes! The Psycourse in 4 lessons explains the cards, how to read for yourself and others, using different spreads, and explains the origins of the Psycards and their symbols. Once you pass the course, you can become a certified Psycards reader!

Can I predict the future for my friends and family with Psycards?

Predicting the future is tricky because we have free will. But with Psycards you can identify areas of life that need work and gain advice to improve them in the future. Working with Psycards can also awaken your own latent psychic abilities, enabling you to know more than even the Psycards themselves can tell!

How can Psycards help prospective partners date better?

Yes you can date better with Psycards. The secret of dating is to know more of your possible date…how they work…what is their background… how they tick what they really like. Psycards encourage you to talk about yourself.

What age should children start Psycards?

Psycards, like any oracle system, should be used only by adults. Teenagers can use Psycards with adult supervision and guidance to help them better understand themselves. Adults over 18 can use Psycards for themselves or others—from age 18 to 80 and beyond, Psycards can help you set your psyche free!

How to Contact Psycards Support by Submitting a Request/Ticket?

You can submit a request or open a ticket on the following page Customer Support.