The Work Card asks a question- Is your work a grind?

The working week is now around 40 hours. Those of us who are in jobs count ourselves as lucky. We still have to work in order to live and prosper. Work can mean a back- breaking day on a construction site or in a centrally- heated office. It can be a lonely musician working on a new score, a mother with a young baby, a child doing homework.

The words 'job', 'function', 'task', 'role' and 'employment' all have different connotations. Being unemployed is destructive to our happiness and confidence. Yet leisure and freedom to do what we want is so often our goal.

So the Work Card asks each of us to put a psychic value on the role of work in our lives, to ask is it truly rewarding in satisfaction terms or just a pay packet to let us do other things.

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