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 I have read Tarot for about 30 years and have seen somevery positive reviews of Psycards lately including on a youtube channel I enjoy. I love the very straightforwardness of the Psycards. With Tarot I often feel there is too much else grafted on. Kabalah, Astrology, etc. Things I don't really resonate with. The Psycards art is spot on and reading for myself they are very profound. Thank you again for creating these great cards!

John - PSYCARD customer




...It's an interesting relationship that forms between the Questioner and myself. There's a therapeutic atmosphere but also a curious/playful one. Insightful. Satisfying. 

Scott M. Frtiz - PSYCARD customer


The Psy-Cards system is a great way to get in touch with your "Inner Psychic". I have been a Tarot Card Reader for over 40 years and find the Psy-Cards a refreshing way to get in tune with the inner self and any messages that the unconscious may be trying to reveal to you.

Doris J. Patton - PSYCARD customer


As an Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher, I consistently utilize the Psy cards in my readings as I am guided to do so. The psychology/Carl Jung aspect drew me in to work with them.

Shelly Wilson - PSYCARD customer


I like I can use this more from a psychological, insightful approach (I'm sure some probably use it for divination purposes, but that wasn't what I was looking for). It is not a tarot deck for someone who is looking for that. Beautiful, bright images, quality cardstock, looks and feels much more expensive than it is. Am very happy I purchased.

PleineLune - PSYCARD customer


This is an excellent deck for divination based on carl jung's archetypes. It is easy to use and understand,as well as fun. I highly recommend this.

Heath - PSYCARD customer


As a complete layperson in all manner of mystical divination, I feel that Psycards are fun, easy to use, and provide some spooky and fitting answers.
They also seem easier then tarot in that you don't have to look in a book for every answer. They give some interesting and surprising perspective to virtually any issue. Goodtimes.

Lord Kristopf - PSYCARD customer


I love to play around with tarot but when I get serious with them, they become a form of prayer. A friend introduced me to these (psycards) and said they're are like having your own psychologist! They give insights that tarot doesn't. I love'em!!!

C.M. - PSYCARD customer


 These cards are beautiful and the details really help to help you interpret meaning. There is a little booklet to explain the meaning of each card if you are a complete novice. All I can say is that even with the simple card layout, the amazing readings that were coming out of the card were amazingly accurate. These cards are a lot simpler than the full deck of tarot cards, but the reading was just as insightful. I am real ypleased with these cards. Now me and spirit guides can have more fun in communicating. 

Sincerely Yours - PSYCARD customer


If you have been wanting a tarot deck start with the Psycards, then move onto a normal tarot deck later if you so choose. Wish I had known about these years ago because the Psycards are much easier to read. This deck is most unusual when compared with normal tarot, but in a good way. Though I've only used it a couple of times, this deck is quite accurate and makes you use what abilities you have (esp) no matter how little. This deck isn't as confusing/intimidating as the tarot and cards aren't kept upside down if dealt that way, which in tarot has a negative connotation. Bonus - the Psycards book comes with the deck, not just some little 3x2 instruction manual with tiny type. 

Morgan - PSYCARD customer


What an excellent set of cards, these cards are constantly carried in my bag and I am often asked to give readings using my Psycards even though I never charge I am inundated with requests which I don't mind. They are very easy to use and the more and more you use them you learn how to interpret them as they are needed, one day a card will mean something for someone and the next day the more and more you use them you will learn that the same card means something totally different for someone else.The more and more you use then the more and more you will learn how to interpret them.

Alan - PSYCARD customer


 The cards are of great quality. The pictures are vibrant and seem to speak for themselves-beautiful artwork. I have two godfathers that have been practicing this art of feeling the vibes of collective energy for over 25 years. These guys use different techniques and these cards are one of them. They prefer these cards over any other deck due to their simplicity, which does not affect the reading, as it can be as simple or complex as the reader makes out to be. I bought two decks sets that came with a book/manual for the students of these practice. It's an awesome and beautiful tool! 

MCrasto - PSYCARD customer


 The Psy Deck is new in my arsenal of useful tools for clairvoyant and life readings.
They are completely flexible for different kinds of readings, and they approach iconography from a psychological direction.
There is little of the same symbolism as in the various tarot decks and oracles, but it maintains The Fool, The hermit (as the Sage) and uses the nebulous Yes and No cards as would a Ouija Board. I find it good for Past present Future Readings. It is also good for one card single question answers.
It is smaller in dimensions than most decks and easy to shuffle. It is not widely known, but it is going to be very significant in a while, like the Rider Tarot. It is second in my general and specific tools of its kind. It arrived right on time and I am pleased as usual with the vendor and Amazon. Price was more than fair. 

SDiane A. - PSYCARD customer


 You must remember one thing when using Tarot or Oracle cards, they are only a tool to open your mind, if your mind is not imaginative or it has difficulty connecting, then the trouble lies more with you than the cards. If you learn to read properly you can read just about anything, from children's animal puzzle games to the shape of the clouds. These cards are a great tool, if you mix them with other tarot or oracle cards you will gain greater insight. I have used them for 15 years, I would class the more as Tarot cards than Oracle cards as Oracle cards are there more for guidance, these cards can help you gain insight into a problem. If you have difficulty with them use them alongside a normal 78 card deck of tarot. be inventive, you must work out the way which is best for you. There are no set rules in learning tarot, just open up your imagination. 

The God Light - PSYCARD customer


 Love these cards!
My readings, which I have done for nearly 30 years with a variety of different cards and divining tools, are sharper and deeper. Also these cards are ideal if you have a Querent (sitter) who recoils at the mention of the word Tarot.
Don't look too deeply for meanings in these cards - allow them to come to you. 

Isola B - PSYCARD customer


 Purchased as a gift, which was well received, especially as the book included.
I have used these cards not only as a reading intuitive aid but also as a tool for some people to understand thoughts and feelings by using the images to express.
very pleased as most people sell only the cards and this purchase included book. 

Joog - PSYCARD customer


 Had these recommended to me and I certainly was not disappointed, love using them and they are really well used. 

Carolyn-Hansen Roberts - PSYCARD customer


...I recommend these cards to all people with an open mind. They develop one's intuition and one's openness. 

Ana - PSYCARD customer



Love these cards--easy to use. 

Janie - PSYCARD customer