For Tarot Readers


Tarot is mysterious and ancient. Born about 500 years in Italy at the when printing had just started, the 78 cards of the tarot pack – the major arcana comprised 22 – produced the suits 52 cards of our current playing cards.

Tarot was metaphysical and still is. People were attracted by Tarot because it gave the symbols of divination and self development – and for amusement. Today there are some 100 decks and the images.

There are many books and websites on Tarot. But the the adherents of Tarot today are puzzled about the ‘Hanged Man’ and ‘The Empress’ and the symbolic meaning of the cards. Tarot is complex and to glean the full significance needs an interpreter – almost ‘a priestess’, to interpret.



The Psycards System was created in 1980’s by Nick Hobson and Maggie Kneen. It was much influenced by Carl Gustav Jung, the great psychotherapist, by fairy stories and the arts of the Celts. Within Psycards are 40 cards. The images mirror the human heart. The Body, Home, Mother, and Father evoke symbols that are meaningful for all people round the world. Unconscious promptings remind an individual what aspects of the psyche should develop. There are 5 pointer cards (Inquirer, Yes, No, Now Never) helps guide a person to make an important decision.

Psycards are for divination and self development. There are three books written about Psycards.

Accessible and simple, Psycards are easy to interpret by an individual who knows little about techniques of divination, assuming they have some gifts of intuition and psychic awareness.

Combining Tarot and Psycards

  • Many experienced readers of Tarot can use both models to illuminate to their adherents.
  • Shuffling and the ‘chance’ elements are common with Tarot and Psycards
  • The reading of the cards (left to right,up and below) are similar
  • Tarot readers can highlight one Psycards card to focus one aspect of the ‘querent’ s aspect of the Tarot reading.
  • A quick reading of Psycards to concentrate on an in-depth Tarot reading.
  • Psycards are used as a daily oracle to focus on a tarot reading.
  • The pointer cards of Psycards can help a tarot reading