There are three Psycards Readers available to book readings with:

Ed Murphy

Edward is a modern healer, psychic, medium and a Psycard reader…
Since he came across them over 20 years ago in Glastonbury, England, UK he has been using them daily and has been getting exceptional results with them as his psychic energies always flow when he is using them.
He organises workshops and trainings for those that are of interested in learning how to use them both online and locally.

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Andy McGowan

I have been an intuitive reader for 30 years.
I have found that most  people turn to an oracle like Psycards when they feel stuck and the technique I use and the cards are very useful when individuals come seeking guidance.
It also allows the individual to put himself or herself in  the middle of the  process which hopefully will allow a different and objective view of the matter at hand.

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