The No Card is very often a strong card and must be heeded. If you go careering through red lights you'll have a crash. If your energies are being diverted into sterile courses it's necessary to have the road blocked. Remember too that timing is all. Traffic lights that are red will turn green. And don't forget that the No Card is not 'Destiny Calling', or a flaming sword keeping you out of paradise.

It is often a quiet inner whisper of negativity - of your self backing away from a course of action.

Growth in your inner life, just like elsewhere, depends on energy flows. If one avenue is closed another opens.

A gardener pruning a rose bush has to say no to many stems in order to achieve abundant foliage. Sometimes a stream has to be dammed if it is to turn the generators of the power plant. So it takes courage and decisiveness to say no in many situations.

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