A Great Tool In Self Help

A Great Tool In Self Help

Psycards, a great tool in self help written by: Senrina

Gone are the days when people used to rely on talking parrots and on constellations with utmost curiosity to know their impending dangers and favourable events and fortunes in future ahead.

Today, people opt more for sophisticated ways in hunt of answers to their questions, which lie in the future. One of the ways is Tarot card reading, where the Tarot reader lays informations to your specific questions and queries surrounding your life.

Here, in Tarot reading, coming in contact with the ‘Higher self’ a Tarot reader becomes a powerful intuitive and psychic, who can foretell your higher aspects of life, rather than just a specific problem area or question.

But if Tarot reading is not providing you, as per foretold, exact or accurate series of outcomes or even near to accurate predictions, there is another deck of cards which is simpler and modern than Tarot.

It is Psycards!

What are Psycards?

Psycards are a deck of forty cards, invented by Nick Hobson in the 1980s, UK. He created these cards in a simplified manner, making it far from complex, unlike the Tarot cards, to help individuals inquire intuitively into their lives.

The motive behind creating these Psycards is to find individual’s positive perspective and peace, which aids mental healing in one’s difficult times.

The Psycards System is based on psychoanalysis and poetry. It shares its link to Jungian psychology, and particularly, Carl Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious.

As per Carl Jung’s notion of collective unconsciousness, there is a second type of psychic system, besides the immediate consciousness. This second type is of a collective, universal, and impersonal nature, identical in all individuals. Moreover, this collective unconscious, according to him is an inherited one and distinguishable from personal unconscious.

And since these forms of identical archaic images and symbols reside in our collective unconscious, it becomes easier for everyone to find out meanings to their personal set of questions and a powerful tool in self counselling.

Are Psycards Similar to Tarot Reading?

Even though, the Psycards and Tarot share some sort of similarities, yet they are not at all the same. One notable similarity between the two is the sharing of four of the Tarot major Arcana Cards. Besides that, the usage of the Psycards can be similar to Tarot; for divination.

The fact that they are not the same can be detected from its origin and the purpose of using them.

Psycards are for everyone, while Tarot requires a person with higher divine psychic knowledge to deliver information from the ‘Divine Masters’, which is not everyone’s arena.

Benefits of Psycards

Psycards does not demand any Psychic Master to channelize the messages on to you, but you; yourself become an oracle when you come in contact with Psycards. These cards are simple and direct channels to foster your psychic energy, unlike complex and mysterious Tarot.

With minimal training or experience, anyone can use them in finding messages to exploring one’s psyches. No boundaries or any sort of restrictions in usage!

Many psychotherapists to play directors are using them, to help explain people their inner feelings or subconscious feelings and creating stories and characters in plays.

Psycards has so much insight to give you with beautiful and clear rendered images, which helps you in extending your power of imagination.

The fact that the cards are not based on mysterious or spooky concept is a best thing for people to easily relate and respond to images on each card.

Usage of Psycards

As now you know, Psycards are not alike the Tarot, it is time to know where can you use them.

Psycards do not depend on rigid rules. Each and every card speaks to you.

These cards will let you find a perspective of your life and know where you stand and which path you are heading in your life.

The usage of the cards can be done for numerous ways;

· To find a light on your dark days;

· To Increase one’s intuition level;

· To get alternative readings besides Tarot;

· To understand psychological factors;

· For divination;

· For Positive self counselling;

· For Meditation and visualisation;

· For Self development in understanding yourself better;

· In reaching one’s ‘Higher Self’;

· In helping others getting a glimpse of the hidden meanings in their hearts; or

· For just having fun.

Why to choose Psycards over Tarot?

The Psycards reading system is easier and simpler than Tarot, although it might look jittery for some people.

People over the world are using Psycards along with or in lieu of Tarot to get positive perspective of life and a piece of healthy mind. As per facts, more than 10,000 people all over the world are using Psycards.

And why wouldn’t they? Because these are universal for everyone irrespective of religion, caste, creed and age, but most importantly, for those who want to see themselves growing spiritually on the journey of their lives, helping themselves along with others.

These cards are not only for people of holding interests such as angels, telepathy, spiritual healing, and astrology and of similar niches, but for people who want to build a strong awareness of one’s self and of other’s too.

New way of meditation

The Psycards are not only a simplified form of Tarot, but in a way, a tool to enhance creativity skills in you. If you are an artist, you can create your own characters and help yourself in expressing feelings that you feel deep inside.

Psycards takes us to a new spiritual height, which is easy to reach via them, making us stronger and stronger in spiritualism by igniting our intuitive levels or sixth sense.

Through the usage of the cards you actually can start listening to your “inner voice”, which guides a soul to communicate towards the spiritual plane. As you keep using the cards, your subconscious mind will gradually begin to communicate with your conscious mind. This will help to develop your innate psychic ability or gifts in you.

Thus, Psycards form a source of self development and meditation.

At the end, this simple, straightforward channel of psychic development tool is meant for everyone, be it a psychologist, an actor, a student or a psychic enthusiast. Thus let’s develop and explore our psyches and grow as a new improved soul on earth with Psycards.

For all kind of assistance you can log on to psycards.com and get your tarot card reading and get solutions of your uncertainties.