Past & the Future: How Psycards Empower the Mind

Past & the Future: How Psycards Empower the Mind

A wonderful perspective on the origins and use of Psycards, kindly provided by Psycards fan Nik Hilarela:

“Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next”- Jonas Salk

The quote above pretty much sums it up. Intuition plays a great deal of role in our lives, whether we are aware of the fact or not. As Albert Einstein put it up: “The only real valuable thing is intuition”, most of you, on careful thoughts and recollection of past memories, will recall at least one incident where your intuition came in to save your day. On a number of other occasions, you had a strong feeling about a future event, which eventually turned right! You called it gut-feeling!

Now you’ll go about asking: Intuition? Psychic powers? Future prediction? Isn’t all of this turning superstitious?

Over time and again, various terms have been coined for things inexplicable by science. Some call it luck, or chance, some call it pseudo-science, others call it superstitions.

Call it anything, but it’s something that can not be put down by any means. Don’t believe us? Check out the facts below:- A couple of days before his death, Abraham Lincoln saw a dream that he has been shot dead by a man. He was so affected by it that soon upon waking up he wrote a vivid description of the dream.

Lord Dufferin, a prominent member of British Victorian society and the Viceroy of India, saw a dream where he was in woods with a man carrying heavy load. He calls out to him and as the man turns back, his face is so disfigured that it forces a scream. A couple of days later, Lord Dufferin went to an office, where the Lift Man was the exact same person he saw in the dream. Lord Dufferin exited the lift and began asking about him. The lift collapsed, killing everyone inside.

Jack Hickey, a rich person from New Zealand, was murdered by a man he met in a restaurant. The case was solved when the lady owning the restaurant told the judge of her dream where a person murders another one near her restaurant. The faces she saw in the dream were exactly the same of the convict and Jack Hickey.

The truth is, as Science gets to a higher and higher level, it gets closer to divinity, or what we call pseudo-science. Now we know the sub-conscious, which makes decisions for us, we know how it can be controlled and manipulated. We know of time as yet another dimension, distorted by celestial bodies enabling us to visit the past or go to the future. The same celestial bodies that pseudo-science claims to have the answers to our lives, and our future!

Do you believe you have it in you to see beyond what people normally see? Do you think the way no one close to you thinks? Do you think you might just be the chosen one?

In the 1980s, there was another person who began to have the same realisation. Faced with a life of difficulties and turmoil, the person had a dream where he was standing on a cliff, looking down on each element of his life that made him. The person was Nick Hobson, and so were born the Psycards, helping people to lift above the difficulties in their lives, and achieve its perspective.

Hobson, together with Maggie Kneen, a gifted illustrator, worked to create powerful symbols on each card to stimulate the intuition in people. We all know the power of symbols. Graphical illustrations with certain twists, angles, turns and colors, if done in the perfect harmony can leave such an intense impact on the subconscious mind that it almost stimulates it above its natural frequency, allowing mind to do amazing things that it normally can not do. This is the chief basis for Jungian or analytical psychology, on which Psycards are based.

These set of 40 different cards, each with specific images, is built upon the belief that we all share the common residual memories from the experiences of humanity, and the images will evoke a response from us, albeit different. The observation of those different responses can enable us for self knowledge as well as tools for development and counseling of others. By testing a response, your intuition not only allows you to see through the heart of a person, his past and behavior pattern, but also his future.

Apart from divine help and intuition, Psycards will also help you in your personal development and understanding of yourself. Believe it or not, very few people in this world even understand how their own minds work. Psycards help you get an understanding of the underlying psychology that governs both your conscious and subconscious minds.

Whether you aim to be a fortune teller or just a counselor, whether you become a psychotherapist or a people leader, Psycards will help you in every phase of life. If creativity and intuitiveness is your forte, then Psycards are just the thing for you. If you value imagination, believe in the power of symbols, want to develop your intuition and insights, and want to see throught the doors of the future and check what it holds for you, Psycards will be your best friend in the long run.

If you have worked with Tarot Cards before, you are going to find Psycards extremely useful and even more stimulating and powerful. The carefully crafted symbols just speak out to you, powering your intuition to greater levels. What’s more, they’re far easier to use. Even for a non-intuitive person, they’re like wonderful masterpieces of art, and a lot of fun.

Science tells you that for every shape or color you see, and every texture you touch, specific nerve cells in your brain click together creating a highly complex and unique pattern. The study of these patterns might reveal a lot about our human brain, and how it controls our memories, the deja vu, future prediction. Our minds hold it inside them the powers of healing, teleportation, and communication over long distances.

Ever heard of Reiki, the practice where a person heals and communicates with another one thousands of miles away? The concepts of mind communication over long distances at the speed of light have been mentioned in ancient Indian scriptures. Psycards help you study these aspects qualitatively, and with practice, master the art of mind reading and intuition.

If you have not already made a choice, go with your intuition. Get yourself a pack of Psycard now!