Psycards and You

Psycards and You

We as humans, are always looking to improve ourselves, how we feel and what we are looking for in our lives. What controls our destiny, how does life work and what does the future hold? The need to know and seeking spiritual guidance has always come naturally to us and in doing so many cultures have turned to signs and manners of deciphering in an attempt to find these answers. Divination, derived from the Latin word divinare, is the practice of gaining insight into a situation or question via an occult process or ritual. It’s been used throughout history to read signs, events and omens through contact with a supernatural agent or current. Many cultures, including the Chinese, Mayan, Indian and Mesopotamian have all looked at the sky, stars, planets and interstellar events to tell not only time but to decipher signs of divine will. Some other cultures relied upon animal migrations and weather patterns. Some forms of Divination took on the form of bones, sticks or amulets carved from another substance (usually bone) in rituals that can be traced back thousands of years.

Though various forms of divination have been used for hundreds, potentially thousands of years, the use of a patterned, set divination system across all classes of person is a recent, wonderful development. Where as the transfer of techniques and transmissions had once lain upon the ear of a seer to their family or chosen, priests, sages and shamans, it now is available to anyone with a pull towards it and the will to learn regardless of what walk of life, age or economical standing. If you look at some of the distances between worlds it really is a wonder that some of these methods are still here today. True divination systems passed down from generation to generation and now put in more standard formats provide fresh guidance and ability to satisfy a primal need to better understand life.

Psycards are a great way for anyone to start looking into divination. They differ from traditional tarot cards in that there are only 40 cards in the deck leaving for simple, easy readings for those just learning. For a knowledgeable user they provide an invaluable experience and a constant, easy system both for meditation and readings. These cards can be a valuable tool for an individual or be used by counselors, psychotherapists and group leaders to enable them to explain things to others or help people open up about potential issues.

Nick Hobson, the inventor of the Psycards, had a difficult time in the 1980’s. He found that there was a call, not only for his own mind, but for others as well, to have a simple, easy to use tool to aid in sorting out things they may not fully understand. He wanted to create something to help people see their hopes and dreams, family, friends and failures. A system of cards that would help educate people on themselves or others in a comprehensible fashion. Working with Maggie Kneen, a wonderful illustrator, this set of 40 cards were created with simple, delicate symbols of power on each and every card face. The system itself draws from psychoanalysis and the belief that we all share, as humans, a common, collective unconscious. The way we respond to these images won’t be the same but the familiarity of the symbols and imagery make these powerful tools of self awareness and knowledge.

Psycards are for anyone. They work for those who think the psyche, spirit, soul and mind is different from the body and wishes to explore that possibility as well as anyone who value’s imagination just as much as they do reason. They are for those who believe there are some graced with a special gift of understanding and those who believe that symbols directly speak to human beings on a primal level. Those who wish to develop intuition and insight can use these cards and reference materials to aid themselves. Psycards are not for any one particular religion or type of person, anyone can use them just as easily as another and there are no strict or distinct references to any one special path of enlightenment. These cards and this system aid in self awareness and awareness of the people around you, both psyche, intent and goals to a certain extent.

Individually, each Psycard is lovely, simple and colourful. Yes, No, Never and more all are illustrated in this deck with other simple phrases and objects such as the Home, Work, Fortune, Friendship, the Beauty and the Fool. Each card has it’s own meanings and an open interpretation to be read by the owner or cast by the one being read for to interpret, while guided, their own life. Liberation, for example, represents the feeling of breaking free from something. It’s message is to fly! This card begs two questions. What have we been liberated from and where are we flying too? It celebrates the joy of freedom from something.

Using Psycards from is simple and easy with only a few things to remember. Let the cards talk to you. They are in your life to guide you, not hand you all the answers. There are 40 cards for you to read, handle and enjoy. Look at your cards, see which you like and which do not agree with you. Try to think of why? Some find that the direction cards (yes, no, now, never) can be confusing, if you wish to remove them from the deck then go right ahead! There are no rules, these are you cards to enjoy. The resource book is there to help you get comfortable with them and to guide you in your search for what feels right for YOU with YOUR cards. Psycards are intended to be comfortable for you, with the guides in place to help you in your learning these simple, easy to understand cards.