Reading auras

The geography of human being Every human being has both a physical body that lives and is visible in the physical dimensions and other bodies that are only visible through extrasensory perception (ESP). This chapter describes how we link to the invisible spirit planes and what a person looks like within the whole of the multi-dimensional Universe.

The auras

A psychic can see seven extra bodies, layers or auras surrounding it. These are only visible or detectable through extrasensory perceptions or clairvoyance. Each aura is of an higher vibrations or frequency. These bodies interlink and are as real as your physical body.If they are unhealthy, you will experience mental, spiritual, emotional or physical imbalance. Each aura is believed to link to a different plane of the Universe.

Reading the auras

The second and third auras male up a field that is influenced by your belief system and values, and the emotions related to them. A psychic reading the auras at this level may pick up thoughts that are not concious to the person being “read” but they are unconsciously influencing his behaviour. When reading the higher auras of the body, psychics can pick up messages about future events that will impact the person being read. This is because on the etheric level, events already exist. These influences from the planes register within the auras of the body as they wait to be translated into real events. A psychic can pick up a message about a big change or event affecting a group of people tapping into the archetypal energies in the transpersonal field. The feeling of being pushed or pulled by fate is also the influence of the higher cosmic forces. any major change in an individual’s life comes through the influence or changes flowing from this level.

The higher self

The three higher spiritual auric layers are the seat of the higher self. The higher self or superconscious is our personal link between the visible and invisible Universes. It is the a part of us that links to the planes of archetypal or universal forces and energies. It communicates and inter-relates with higher cosmic consciousness. The higher self transmits messages to the unconscious mind in the form of dreams, intuition and psychic insight. The unconscious then communicates to your conscious mind through images, thoughts and feelings. some of these images, for example those that occur in dreams and meditation, are symbolic and need interpretation. It is possible to make this process more effective through psychic development exercises. By tuning in regularly to your unconscious, through meditation and visualisation exercises, you can become more comfortable with interpreting the language of the unconscious. As you open up your internal channels through improved communication between your conscious and unconscious, you also open up a clearer channel to your higher self. The auras contain seven energy centres or vortexes known as the chakras. The chakras link all levels of the aura and the physical body. Chakras one, two and three are concerned with a person’s basic needs of survival and will. Chakras four to seven access and balance our emotional and psychological makeup. The highest chakra-the crown chakra-is the point of access to the spiritual Universe. Psychical, emotional, mental or spiritual ailments can be correlated with energy blocks or dysfunctions within the chakras. Balancing the chakra through psychic healing allows the appropriate flow of energy to a chakra to re-establish health on each level. Chakras have many correspondences, including planets, angels and sounds.

To a clairvoyant, an aura looks like a colourful energy field extending outwards from the physical body by several feet. The different colour you see in person’s aura are a reflection of a person’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. some may be bright like the colours of the rainbow. Other may be dull. Dark spots in the aura may indicate an illness.

Seeing you aura exercise

1. Sit in a dark room so that you are facing the wall. The room doesn’t need to be pitch black, but make sure you turn of the main lights.

2. Hold both of your hands parallel to each other up in front of your face at about half an arm’s length distance. They should be as far apart as if they could hold a ball between them.

3. Look past your hands to the wall. As you do this, move your hands close together and apart again several times.

4. You will begin to see or feel energy field between your hands. This will be seen as a colour or light or flt as a sensation.

Seeing someone else’s aura

1. Ask a friend/client to stand in front of a white wall. Relax and open your third eye with your mind. Imagine the petals of your third eye opening up.

2. Half close you eyes. Don’t look look directly, but scan the person’s body starting at the head. Notice how far from the body their energy field stretches.

3. Notice any colours you see in the energy field. The colours may not be consistent down th whole body and may change with movement.

4. Look for dullness or brightness in the aura. Notice what your instincts tells you about any meaning to the colours.