In the Victorian age, Franz Anton Mesmer, was the first person to formulate a theory about mind overruling matter. He showed that the power of suggestion could have an extraordinary effect on the body.

The Psychic Universe Most ancient philosophies hold that the Universe as a whole is greater than the psychical Universe. The Universe was created by a mind or a power, commonly referred to a God. The visible or physical Universe is only a part of a bigger Universe that is filled with different non-physical levels or planes, spheres or dimensions in which there are living energies. For example the, Habbalah’s Tree of Life, which provides one of the most influential maps of the Universe, describes ten spheres or sephirot, each of which has a different quality of God within it. There are paths between each, and five worlds or trees in all. The lowest of these contains the physical world. Tree of life pic In the Victorian era, theosophy proposed the idea that there are seven planes and 49 sub-planes within the cosmos. The planes are sometimes referred to an eggs. They interpenetrate each other, and at each level become denser and more embodied. In Hindu thinking, there are also seven lokas or worlds, and in Buddhist thinking, there are number of deva lokas. Throughout the many esoteric traditions, the Universe as a whole is generally thought to be without limits. This means that we may draw on a limitless resource as we learn how to access the other planes.

In addition to the four elements of FIRE, WATER, EARTH and AIR, there is a fifth, ether (sometimes spelt aether) is the source of all intelligence in the Universe. Ether is the stuff that makes up the force field of the physical Universe. Within the invisible Universe, the equivalent force sustaining the other planes of existence is known as astral light. Ether is the life source that sustains all the molecules and atoms in the Universe. On the emotional plane is the force of pure love.

The afterlife

The afterlife is contained within the non-physical dimensions of the Universe. When the physical body dies (or passes on), the soul or spirits still lives on in an afterlife on the higher planes (sometimes referrend to the other side or heaven). Your soul or spirit is an essence of you that is interconnected with your physical body, but that is able to live beyond death. It has a permanent channel of communication open to the other planes. It is thought that our soul choose our physical life for our own development. In the after life our souls goes through a transition that is a part of our ongoing learning evolution.

Extrasensory perception

While we sense the visible Universe through our sight, sounds, taste, touch, smell, the invisible Universe in outside the perception of these five senses. We must use non-physical senses, extrasensory perception (ESP), to perceive aspects of this vast, invisible Universe. Scientists knows that our material world is not static. Everything in this Universe that appears to be static is made up of vibrating particles. The spirits who inhabit the higher dimensions of the Universe vibrate on higher frequencies that are faster than the speed of light. That is why we can communicate with them only through extrasensory means. A medium can bridge the gap between the material and invisible Universes, and contact both intelligences or spirits that live permanently on the higher planes and these who have crossed over after life in the physical Universe. When medium communicates with someone who died, the spirit appears in the form that is a recognisable to their relations or friends as the person they used to be on the earthly plane. However, just as someone grows older during his life on Earth, he is still evolving and developing on his new plane, although losing the physical limitations and weakness of an ageing body. In a reading with a medium, a spirit will often come through to communicate the lessons he has learnt during this development period to help his family members and descendent in their progress in life.

Akashic records

Your life is said to be recorded in the spiritual realm within the Akashic records (book of Life). According to mediums and seers, these are records of your present and all of your past lives or physical incarnations. Everything that has ever happened in the Universe is held in a vast library of the cosmic memory. It is thought that anyone who is capable of tuning in through psychic powers can access this memory bank.

Psychics and mediums

Psychic is someone who has power to detect the invisible Universe, to foresee events in the future or to contact spirits.

Am I psychic?

Everybody has some psychic ability. If you have ever had a sense that something was going to happen in advance, you are tuning into your latent abilities. For example: – knowing someone is about to phone you -knowing what a person is feeling or thinking -having an intuition or hunch that turn out to be correct -feeling your child is in distress.

Psychic or mentally ill? There is a key difference between being psychic and being mentally ill: a person with psychic ability has a clear boundary between the “real” physical world and invisible world. A person who is schizophrenic, for example, cannot distinguish between what is in their head and what they observe around them in the material world.

How a medium communicates with spirits The world of spirit exist in a dimension of a higher vibration. A medium forms a link or channel – a route of communication with those who have passed to the other side. He does this by raising his vibration or frequency to a point where a link can be formed. At the same time, the spirits lower their vibration. They communicate through the energies of pictures, feelings, sounds and thoughts. The medium makes a link. The medium uses a doorkeeper spirit to facilitate the process and to protect him from negative energies.