The alpha state exercise

The foundation exercises:

Before reading

1. The alpha state exercise

Practise this around 15 to 30 minutes when you first start, especially if you have never meditated before. You can do this exercise at any time of the day.

Part one

1. First choose somewhere comfortable to sit. It is better to sit with you arms and legs relaxed rather than to lie down, so that you only go into the alpha state rather than fall asleep.

2. Make sure your body is relaxed, without any tensions, legs and arms uncrossed.

3. Close your eyes.

4. take a few long deep breaths in and out so that you begin to slow down your breathing. Let your breath go deeper. feel the relaxation begin to flow with your breath through your body.

5. First notice how heavy your head feels, then your neck. Let go of all the tension in your neck, and notice how light your head and neck feel.

6. Become aware of your arms and shoulders, feel them becoming heavy and relaxed. Release the tension and feel them become light.

7. Become aware of your torso and your stomach. Feel the tension release.

8. Become aware of your legs and feet. Notice the tension in them. Feel them become heavy, and then as you release the tension into the air around you, they become light.

9. Now your whole body is light and relaxed.

Part two

1. Next, deepen you state. Imagine that you are in a place of relaxation, somewhere that is utterly peaceful for you. This might be the countryside, or lying on a beach or another scene in your mind’s eye. Spend some time here, enjoying what you see, hear and feel.

2. You should now have reached the alpha state. Spend as long as you want here.

Part Three

1. When you want to come out of the state,count from one to five in your mind.

2. At the count of two, begin to increase you breathing.

3. At the count of three, allow the breath to awaken your body.

4. At the count of four, begin to become fully aware of your body again.

5. At the count of five, open your eyes. Notice how you feel, and get up slowly!

As you become more familiar with the alpha state, you will find that you can reach it very quickly just by closing your eyes, taking few breaths and relaxing your mind and body.