Psychometry is a skill by which a psychic reads an object by touch. In handling the object, the psychic can pick up events or emotions or details about people connected with that object. Many psychics will start off a reading by asking for an object belonging to the sitter so that they can tune in to their personal vibration.

How does psychometry work? When you touch something, you leave an energy pattern or psychic imprint on it. It is though you are leaving a magnetic recording directly on a tape. The stronger the emotions of the person handling the object, the clearer the imprint or signature that is left. By holding the object and tuning in through your extrasensory perceptions, you can begin to pick up these subtle vibrations.

What object can be used? See if you can get hold of a personal object like a watch or a piece of jewellery, such as necklace or a ring. Something that is used or worn frequently by its owner will maintain more of their vibration. The person whose belonging you are reading does not have to be present or alive. A photograph of a person will contain that person’s vibrations and it is one of the best objects through which you can create a psychic link. Be aware that everyone who touched an object will leave their pattern on it. Be careful of inherited jewellery, especially if it contains gem stones and crystals, which pick up magnetic imprints very easily. You will need to distinguish the different patterns belonging to different family members or you may end up picking up lots of information that is not relevant to the sitter.

How to practise psychometry exercise?

1. Ask a friend for an object that belongs to them at voicing

2. Sit and relax.

Tune into your alpha state 3.

Hold the object in one hand and cup it with the other hand.

4. See what images begin to enter your mind. Don’t judge them or worry about them making sense.

5. Say aloud what has come into your mind.

The more you practise the more confident you will become at voicing thoughts, even if they don’t make immediate sense. You can ask your friend questions to confirm what you are thinking but it is better to ask yes/no questions rather than open questions that might give you too much information and steer you away from your intuition.