Psychic protection

Have you ever felt drained around a particular person or particular people? Do you sleep badly or feel uneasy in particular places? Have you ever felt a sudden drop in your energy or a stab to your hart or back when you read or hear something someone has said about you?

As you develop your sensitivity to the higher vibrations, one of the side effects you will experience is sensitivity to all energies; not only to those you wanted to attract. At the early stages of psychic development, it is like being able to tune into a new TV channel without being able to turn down the volume or control or brightness. As a result, you receive all sorts of input you would rather not have. Some of these energies are positive, but some may not be.

It is essential to ground and protect yourself from subtle energies when developing psychically. Even if the energy is not essentially bad, you can take on too much energy, and negative energy may result in depression or illnesses (such as chronic fatigue syndrome or pains in the stomach), or the feeling of simply not being able to cope.

Psychic attack

Psychic attack is an intentional, or unintentional, negative psychic energy towards you. Every time someone thinks about you with negativity they are attacking you psychically to a degree. A thought form is created out of the emotion. When the person thinks about your name, they link into your personal energy field and direct the thought towards you.

Unintentional attack

Unintentional thought forms may built up in particular place if many people have felt fear or anger or another negative emotions, such as depression there. That is how some buildings as social work, police wok, medicine and therapy, can make you feel drained if you are sensitive to vibrations.

Deliberate attack

Deliberate attacks come in two forms:

Psychic draining by a controlling or abusive person. A psychical or emotional abuser deliberately tries to control other individuals. To a psychic this will be felt on a psychic level.

Black magic: you may be attacked by a psychic who is misusing their powers. This kind of attack is particularly dangerous when deliberately projected by a formal ritual or a spell. Many ancient magicians thought it was dangerous for anyone to know their true name,because another magician could detect their personal vibration by creating spell linked to their name.An intentional psychic attack can be felt in a particular part of the body or may result in mental illness. This type of attack also involves voodoo dolls.

Be careful of your thoughts

You are capable of attacking someone as you are of being attacked.

If you are upset with someone, make sure you catch the thought dissolve it by immediately surrounding the person with white light. At the same time, thank them for the situation that has given rise to your thought. Thank yourself for your reaction to the situation and forgive both yourself and the person you ar upset with.

You can also attack yourself with your own thoughts.

Clean yourself of any dark holes you blow into your aura with your thoughts by regular meditation and use of the white light exercise.

Strengthen your positive power in the world. Imagine that as you go through life you radiate positive light to the world as if you are the sun, glowing with golden light. Practise walking into a party or social situation radiating light and notice how drawn people are to you.

Psychic protection

Make it a habit to protect yourself psychically on a daily level. The most important thing you can do is thinking positive loving thoughts.

A negative energy is cancelled out by positive energy of the same or grater power.

If you fight negativity with negativity you will increase it, because negativity feeds on more you will add to it and the law of the Universe is, that if you think negatively about someone it will come back threefold on you.

The only thing you can do is to use loving energy to dissolve the negative thought form.

Detecting attack

If you are ill, you are not necessarily under attack, but you may be. Other symptoms are suddenly encountering a run of bad luck, depression, or simply feeling drained.

You may also have an intuition about someone’s feeling towards you; this could alert you of something being wrong.

If you are in doubt, do the exercises to anyway and maintain a loving attitude. In case of suspicion of attack through magic, call on more developed psychic for help. But don’t be paranoid about other people’s motives. Many of your experiences may just tests from the universe and spirit to strengthen your abilities and aid your personal development.

Exercises to protect yourself

There is enormous range of rituals and practices you can use to protect yourself psychically. All these methods will strengthen your aura so that you can tune out disturbing energies while tuning into the higher vibrations you want to pick up.

1. White light exercise

Before working with Psycards, imagine that you are enclosed in a bubble of white light.

Imagine the light is encircling you to about 2 feet around your body, then stationary, then swirling around you again.

Say a mantra: “I surround myself with white light of God’s love and protection and no force or frequency that is not of the light can enter my energy field” to seal your aura.

You can extend this protection to your home, or a car or train or aircraft you are travelling in and also around your people you think they need protection, surrounding them by white light.

You can also call upon upon your spirit guides or angels or God to protect you and surround you with love and light when you feel vulnerable. Using the word God ensures that the vibration you receive is of the highest level.

Protection rituals

Try out different ways of protecting yourself psychically and see which you feel the most comfortable with. They are all effective.

A ritual is a symbolic expression of your attention that is important, not the ritual itself.

Here are some possible rituals:

White candle

The simplest ritual is to light a white candle. Sit in front of it and imagine that you can breathe in the white light of the candle so it fills and seals your aura.


Use scent to clean and protect your aura. Light an incense stick, smudge stick or incense on charcoal. Reach into the scent with your hands. Waft it into your aura: pull the scent all around your body.

State your intention to clear away any negative energies or blocks to your links with the spirit so that you can clearly hear any messages you need.

Casting a circle

Before reading, clear and protect your space. Cast a circle using salt, crystals or Psycards around you. Doing that, affirm your intention to create this space. State:”I ask that this circle be filled with light and love. I call upon energies of the light yo guide and protect me. I ask any negative energies to now leave this circle. Thank you God.”


Mirrors can be used to mirror the attack away from you. A simple way of doing this is to first put your white bubble in place around you. Next imagine it is surrounded by mirrors facing outwards. Imagine that any energy hitting the mirrors bounces off the surface and reflects into the heavens where it dissolves.

A real mirror can also be used. If you know an attack is coming from particular direction, put a mirror in the window so it faces outwards in that direction. Ask :”Mirror protect this household and all who live here from harm.”


Crystals can also be used for protection.