Telepathy is the method by which you can communicate with another person through thought. You can receive or send information. Mind reading is a form of telepathy by which you use psychic power to detect what is in someone else’s mind.

Telepathy can be spontaneous. For example, you may suddenly pick up a call in your mind from someone who is from danger. You can also intentionally communicate with another person.

Telepathy exercise

1. Pick a person (the receiver) with whom you agree to communicate. They do not have to be physically present but when you first begin it is easier if they are.

2. You (the sender) focus on a shape, picture or playing card.

3. Go to your alpha state. Imagine you are linking to the receiver through your third eye. Clear your mind except for the picture you are looking at. Imagine sending the picture to the receiver.

4. The receiver writes or draws what they receive.

5. Now change your roles around.

You may find you are better at receiving or sending messages. Or there may be a difference when the sender and receiver are physically together.

Psychic messages

A clairvoyant picks up messages in visual symbols, some of which are very common. You may find these symbols appearing when you meditate on a persons or place, or in your dreams, or when you have a sitter in front of you.

These symbols can have both universal and personal meanings – and the personal meanings may relate to either the psychic or the sitter.