Psycards and the Tarot

Psycards and the Tarot

Beyond the Tarot

Psycards are seen by many as a modern, simplified form of Tarot cards. Certainly, there are some similarities between Psycards and the Tarot: like Tarot cards, Psycards can be used for divination. Indeed so are tea leave … Furthermore, Psycards and the Tarot share four of the Tarot major Arcana Cards.

However there are some significant differences between Psycards and Tarot cards. The obvious difference is one of origins. While Psycards were developed in the last 30 years, the origins of Tarot are somewhat oblique and mysterious, with connections to the European mystical tradition and an 18th century interest in the East. Christian churches believed that Tarot was flirting with evil. Tarot cards are complex and can take many years to master and they are for the ‘intiates’ who have specialist knowledge.

Psycards are for everyone. They are designed to be straightforward to use. They are not spooky. They are universal for all people of all religions or none. The way that the Psycards images draw on Jungian archetypes (i.e. our collective unconscious) allows the cards to resonate with each and every one of us. Indeed, Jungians would argue that the elements of Jungian archetypes found in many Tarot decks, dating back into history, is evidence of our enduring collective unconscious.

Psycards, then, are supposed to be simple, direct channels and triggers for our psychic energy. They are used by psychologists helping people to explain their inner feelings and for self-development and meditation Thus we should all be able to use Psycards to channel and explore our psyches, with minimal training or experience.