How Psycards Work

How Psycards Work

The power of symbols

Symbols play a key role in human existence. Everyday we encounter hundreds of symbols, on the roads, in literature, on the TV.

Take an arrow: it is a symbol that directs us in a particular direction. The symbol is powerful because we understand it directly, it needs little by way of interpretation.

Take a more interesting example: a candle. A candle might symbolise a number of things: romance (a candlelit dinner), religion (candles have significance across many religions); spirituality; birth; light; warmth.

Like the arrow symbol, the symbol of a candle talks to us directly – it needs little by way of interpretation. But the candle symbol is much richer in associations. For some of us, they might remind us of birthdays and festival days..

Because they are both direct and rich, symbols are powerful tools on how we operate. If we move from rational thinking, they let our minds move in a freer, more primitive way. The symbols used on each Psycard are carefully chosen for their richness. There are symbols for people and characters and situations that feature in many different literatures, cultures, folk tales and poems. They are a constellation of elements that make up our lives, and the lives of those around us back in history. It is because they are so common, so essential to our cultural fabric, that we recognise them immediately.

What if?

Every time you shuffle the deck you get new patterns emerging that challenge your settled opinions. What if I changed career, changed my home, changed my partner? The patterns make you think. You reject many but sometimes they might alter your attitude. That is why the element of chance is so important in Psycards. Darwin’s theory of evolution is based on Natural Selection or randomness which throws up new species. In the same way if a card is juxtaposed with another card Psycards engenders a thought that your life could be different. It opens up new possibilities.

Understanding ourselves

Some of us are blessed with a gift to see into the future. But we all have the ability to understand ourselves. Human beings aren’t logical, rationale creatures; we’re also busy creatures, constantly working, shopping, eating, sleeping. Self understanding requires time and effort: it requires us to step back from the situations we are in, look inward, and “feel” our way through the situations we’ve been in, and the impact they have had on us.

Psycards are a tool to help us in that project of self understanding. By sitting down, thinking about a particular situation, and then listening out to the way we react and feel in response to examining different cards, we get a sense of perspective of what is ‘fermenting’ deep within our own psyches.